Kate Russell


"I have studied yoga over the past two decades and not one of my teachers compares to Marie-Louise. She has effortlessly pushed me to deepen my poses and my breath, to be more precise with my alignment, to awaken the parts of my body that have been afraid, for many years, to go upside down or twist farther around. She has done all this with ease and grace. Marie-Louise brings a generosity to every class and it flows out of her through her keen eye for gentle adjustments and a wealth of knowledge about anatomy and well-being. There are countless times I remember being so grateful to Marie for learning something new while I was in a pose; to make connections about how it affected my body and mind. About how it might bring more ease and grace to my own life. Marie-Louise is a treasure of a teacher. Those in Denmark are incredibly lucky to have her back. You will never regret taking her class. You will only grow and surprise yourself in the most beloved ways." - Kate Russell

Kali Hays

"Yoga with Marie is the shit! She's wise, wonderful and well-rounded in her style. Everything with her is effortless, fun and challenging all at once.I cannot think of a better person to continue or start a practice with"  

"Best yoga teacher I have ever tried. You feel very safe and yet challenged. Marie has a very pleasant and enthusiastic way of guiding you through her world of yoga, which becomes your world. She is amazing!"

Maria Reinhard

"I first met Marie when I moved to Brooklyn 2016. I was in search of a new yoga studio nearby, and I knew from the moment I stepped in to her class that I had found the right place. Marie is supportive and knowledgeable, her energy is welcoming and genuine, and her classes are energetic and restorative. I give Marie my highest recommendation. Look no further!"

Anna Murnane

"Amazing personal athletically powerful yet gentle class! Cannot recommend enough !!!"

Julie Lænkholm


Lisa Dubost

Privat Client, 2019

Marie-Louise's private prenatal classes have been one of the greatest highlights of my pregnancy, a real treat that I have been looking forward to each week.

ML has been thoughtfully personalizing each class for me based on where I was at in my pregnancy but also based on how I was feeling that day and I always left feeling re-newed, more connected to my body and even more confident and prepared for labour and birth. Another thing I love about her classes is her way to be literally "hands on" which has helped me go much deeper in my postures, adjust some of them or simply relaxing me through various little massages and pressure points.

ML is like a fairy I got lucky to come across and I can not recommend her classes enough!

Michelle Fantus


"I was a student of Marie's since the beginning of my yoga journey years ago. Her knowledge, passion, and warmth that would shine through in her classes helped me fall in love with yoga.  After becoming pregnant, I was thrilled to start attending her prenatal classes.  Throughout my pregnancy I always looked forward to class as a way to bond with my baby, prepare for labor, meet other expectant moms, all while feeling comfortable knowing the practice is safe for the pregnant body.  Having two young kids of her own, Marie often incorporated her labor experiences into the class (such as specific movements which helped her alleviate labor pain) which we would practice.  As a clueless first-time expectant mom, I feel more confident going into labor with different ideas of possible coping movements and breathing techniques which I may find helpful in the moment. I highly recommend Marie's yoga classes and don't know how I would've gotten through this pregnancy without them."

These fantastic private sessions was pure self-indulgence and super valuable to me during my pregnancy. The training made me feel strong and mentally ready to give birth the natural way.

Stinne Marie Wilhelmsen

"I was privileged enough to take a prenatal yoga class with Marie through my first and second trimesters of pregnancy and found her class to be  thoroughly enjoyable and informative. I always left each class feeling better mentally and physically and with another valuable piece of information that helped to demystify pregnancy and the labor process a bit more. Marie is well versed in not only yoga practice but the stages of pregnancy and changes in the body and always had helpful tips to ease any aches and pains. As a mother herself, I appreciated how she could draw from her own experience without prescribing a specific approach. As a teacher, she is enthusiastic and engaged and her approach is straightforward, grounded, and always kind. I couldn't recommend Marie enough and am sad that she longer is here to teach us!"

Jennifer Suhr


"Marie-Louise was such a wonderful and knowledgable prenatal yoga teacher!  I loved how her class was challenging even in the beginning but also super helpful the further along I was.  It was great how she started the class with everyone talking about how they are doing opening a connection with the other students.  She also gave great insight into her personal experience in pregnancy, labor, and being a mother.  I always looked forward to the Sunday classes with her!"  

Sarah Cortese


"I attended Marie's pre-natal yoga classes in the late third trimester, and they were exactly what my sore, heavily pregnant self needed. Marie has the passion for and knowledge of prepping your body for labor as well as postpartum, and incorporates practical ways to deal with a constantly changing body and pregnancy hormones. She has a positive, understated energy and tunes in to the needs of the class. I walked out of every class feeling much better, physically and emotionally. Marie will not only help you strengthen your body for labor and beyond, but also encourage the mind-body connection and bonding with your baby. Highly recommend her classes!"

Katherin Crow