I've first got my certification in 2012 from Atmananda Yoga Studio with Jhon T in NYC - a Hatha-, Iyengar- and Ashtanga based yoga style combined to create an invigorating Vinyasa flow. After five years of teaching, doing workshops, trainings and taking a hell of a lot of yoga class, courses, workshops with various brilliant teachers in New York I totally feel in love with the Kula Yoga approach to teaching - a creative alignment based vinyasa flow mixed with intelligent sequencing and in-depth anatomical cuing.  So in 2017 I sought to get trained by Kula founder Schuyler Grant in an advanced teacher training in upstate New York. Since then I've been implementing their approach in my own practice and teaching.


For the people that now me well, then it's no secret that I'm a bit of a movement junkie. This of course translates into my classes and the way that I most often like to teach -  An invigorating vinyasa flow where students will experience being challenged to explore new depths of their practice whilst breaking a bit of a sweat. I like to keep my classes playful weaving in a creative sequence with fun use of props whilst spicing it up with some more challenging poses here and there. I'm really big on alignment, as that just how I was trained, so I like to blend in technic with feeling to get people tuned in to their practice. I'm additionally a real hands-on teacher, who likes to help my students to get into the poses correctly with a little support from some human touch.  Besides teaching vinyasa flow classes I have also taught many beginners and restorative classes blending in essential oils for a more sensory and calming experience. 


When I first got pregnant in 2014 I didn't know how to safely modify for my practice. That made me feel really unsafe when practicing, which is why I sought to get trained by Debra Flashenberg in an in-depth and comprehensive 85 hour, Yoga Alliance Certified Prenatal training. The training had a huge impact on my body as well as approach to childbirth and beyond. I have since then been teaching the PYC invigorating three pronged approach in my prenatal classes to keep mamas safe, informed and comfortable throughout their pregnancy.

I have additionally been trained by the ladies behind the BabyOm approach - a very baby involving yoga approach, where baby and mom are practicing together. I find these classes super fun as mom gets to be with her baby in a very different and fun way. Classes involves being informed on the developmental stage of baby, practicing various techniques to aid baby's own gross and fine motorskills to develop whilst creating a deeper and stringer connection and bond between the two. A really beautiful experience that I got to do with both my kids. 


Besides, being a certified yoga teacher I have a M.Sc. In Strategic Market Creation from Copenhagen Business School and before becoming a yoga nerd I worked in the advertising and consulting business in both Denmark and Internationally. I now fully live off teaching yoga.  


2012: RYT 200 Certified Yoga Instructor from Atmananda Yoga Studio, NYC John Tamayo (YA)

2013: RYT 500 Certified Yoga Instructor from Atmananda Yoga Studio, NYC With John Tamayo (YA)

2013: 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga Certification from the Prenatal Yoga Center, NYC with Debra Flashenberg (YA)

2016: Insight Meditation for Calmness and Clarity Course from Kripalu with Matthew Daniel

2017: Certification from OmBaby in postpartum & baby yoga with Laura Staton & Sarah Perron

2017: Kula Yoga 75-Hour Advanced Teacher Training with Schuyler Grant and Nikki Viella (YA)


2018: Mind - Your Business: Founder & Owner - A Corporate Yoga & Meditation Business

2015-2016: Lemonsqueeze: Brand Activation Director

2014-2015: Goodyoga: Communications Director 

2012-2014: Nordic Sauna: Founder - Blending my Saunagus experience with yoga at luxury buildings in New York.  

2012-2013: Atmananda Yoga: Creative Director

2012: Umwelt: Marketing Consultant

2010-2012: Adpeople: Global Account Manager

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