Workshops are available for both teachers and students except for the Baby and Me workshop which is only for teachers.  

prenatal workshop


TIME: 5 hours

In this workshop we will start out with a 75 min. blissful prenatal yoga practice in order to understand how it feels like practice whilst pregnant as well as how to teach pregnant students. 

After our practice we will explore the muscular and skeletal changes happening during pregnancy and study the indicated and contraindicated yoga poses as well as breath exercises suited for pregnancy. We will additionally dive deeper into the yoga focus of each trimester as well as common pregnancy discomforts and their yoga treatment.   

If you are a yoga instructor this workshop does not make you a certified prenatal yoga instructor, it merely helps you to understand how to confidently guide your pregnant students in a regular yoga class you teach.



TIME: 4 hours

We start out with a one hour postnatal yoga practice to gain a better understadning for how the postnatal body moves and which specific areas to be extra attentive of. 

 After our practice we will dive deeper into the postnatal body and the specific areas needing attention.  We will explore and practice various postnatal yoga poses that will aid the postnatal body and mind through the postnatal period and help bring it back into it pre-pregnancy size gently and safely. 

If you are a yoga instructor this workshop does not make you a certified postnatal yoga instructor, it will merely help you understand how to confidently guide your postnatal students in your own regular yoga classes.



TIME: 5 hours

This workshop is for baby & me teachers wanting to learn how to better incorporate baby in a fluid and fun yet bonding way, where both baby and mom gets a workout. We will look into optimum sequencing, various baby-including yoga poses and how you transition with baby so it flows. We will look into the various states of the baby's development and how you can aid baby's development in the actual yoga practice. Various options will be provided depending on the developmental stage of the baby.  

After this workshop you will be able to structure a fun, challenging and flowy baby & me yogaclass where mom gets the feeling of participating in a real flow combining a postnatal workout, baby developmental exercises with lots of cuddles and wet kisses